Features of Insta Pro APK – Amazing New Features Guide

Are you annoyed by the ads or want to track your followers on Instagram? Well, we got a solution for you.

Why should you download the Insta Pro APK? After all, the Instagram application has many sufficient features for you. So, what is the reason you guys should get Instagram Pro?

These are some of the questions that people have been asking since we developed this application. We were sick of answering everyone separately. We have got lives, after all.

So here are all the features of Insta Pro that will compel you to install the application and start using it to take your social media campaigns to the next level.

We keep talking about taking your online experience to the next level. Trust me, bro, we mean it!

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Insta Pro features

So, here are the top 10 features that will force you to use Instagram Pro APK.

Copy profile bio

So, the first feature is that you can copy anyone’s bio. You can long-press on it once, giving you a “copy” option. But why do you want to have this feature? Let me give you some reasons you may want to do it.

  • Some profiles have very inspirational bio. Having such bios as a starting point to craft your own is always better.
  • Also, some users need to be more creative to craft their personalized bios. That is why this feature is a lifesaver.
  • If you are creating a new account and want to copy someone’s bio temporarily, you can do it.
  • It can also be good meme content to copy someone’s bio for sarcastic purposes.

One tap and copy the comments

You can tap on the comments once and get a copy option. But why do you want this feature? The user may need more creativity. Well, only sometimes. There can be different reasons as well.

Here are a few.

There might be a comment with useful information, stats, directions, addresses, or content ideas. You can copy these comments.

If you are a brand or an online shop operating from Instagram, keep positive comments as testimonials.

If there are any positive comments, you can keep them safe in your notepad. This is good for influencers since it is easy to lose comments in the sea of content.

Comments can also be used for qualitative research and analysis. I know I used some heavy words. But if you are a brand, you should keep them for research and development.

Download stories and reels

Some reels and stories are special. They might make you laugh. Or they may be inspirational. Downloading reels is still possible with the main app. But you can get rid of the watermark if you use our app.

Also, there is a one-click download button for stories as well. So, if you find any story, you can download it with one click.

Enlarge Insta DP

Not all of us have good eyesight, right? Or you may want to look at your loved ones. But Instagram profile pictures are tiny.

Not anymore; you can click on them and enlarge them to have a good view.

Or, someone may have pretty good artwork on their Instagram profile picture. You can enlarge it to have a better view.

Safe from ban

Our APK is safe from the ban. Some people may say that using APKs or MODs can put your account in danger. But trust me, we have the latest version of Instagram Pro that cannot get banned.

And why would you get banned?

You are not doing anything wrong.

Exciting themes

Instagram application doesn’t have any themes to change the user experience. However, some users may want to customize their Instagram application.

Hence, we have introduced exciting themes that can help you improve your Instagram experience.

Become a stealthy ninja

You can hide your presence on Instagram. But how?

There is no need to worry about letting people know you have viewed their story. Or, you can hide your “seen” or “typing’ status in the chat. This way, you can hide from the people’s eyes.


  • Some users are introverts and want to keep their lives private. They do not want others to know that they are online.
  • When you know the other person knows you have “seen” the message, the social pressure of responding is worse. That is why this application is a life-saver.
  • Similarly, you may want to avoid talking to another person but are curious to see what they have posted in their stories. You can avoid the awkwardness of you stalking them.

Lock Instagram

Also, you can add your InstaPro app. This way, you can keep your online life private and not let anyone spy on you.

Some parents also want to lock these apps to prevent their children from accessing this app. You can also avoid distraction and impulsive use through this feature.


Kiss the ads goodbye

No one wants to interrupt their browsing experience due to ads. That is why we have introduced this feature in our application. There’s no need to worry about these corporate bafoons ruining your day.

Also, ads can slow your loading time and cost mobile data. It is better to get rid of these irrelevant advertisements.

Track your followers

Do you know what some people do on Instagram? They follow a lot of people in hopes of getting a follow back. But once they get that, they unfollow. This improves their follower/following ratio but ruins yours.

We manage this and track who has unfollowed you. You will get a notification once someone has done this. You can instantly unfollow them.


Insta Pro APK is a versatile tool for enhancing your Instagram experience. From copying bios and comments to ad-blocking and follower tracking, it offers a range of features to improve your Instagram journey. Whether you seek inspiration, privacy, or better control over your profile, InstaPro has you covered. Download it now to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of InstaPro?

The entire article is full of the benefits. You can have a read and know why you should download Instagram Pro. 

Is it safe to use Insta Pro?

Yes, it is safe to use. It’s anti-ban feature will keep your account safe. 

Which Instagram app is best?

InstaPro APK is the best Instagram app. 

Is instapro safe for chatting?

Yes, it is safe for chatting. You can also hide your “seen” status. 

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